Finding Homes for Sale in Mesa AZ with NO HOA!

Do You Want to Live in an HOA Community?
Many buyers I work with prefer to live in a community with no HOA. They often ask, what homes are for sale in Mesa, AZ with no HOA. Searching for Homes in Mesa, AZ with no HOA or Homes in Gilbert, AZ with no HOA will sometimes result in fewer homes than if you opened the search to all communities in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Apache Junction, Queen Creek or San Tan Valley. Why do so many of my clients choose to limit their search?

There are some of the drawbacks of living in an East Valley Homeowner’s Association Community. Rules, rules, and more rules! You may have to live in a community that controls more of your life than you want. Many HOAs control what color you can paint your home, whether you can fly a flag, how often you must mow your lawn. The HOA will fine you if they find a weed in your yard or leave your garbage cans out for longer than one day.
Some HOAs control what kind of pet you can have, while some retirement communities allow no pets at all! Does your pet weigh more than 25 pounds? Too bad! You’ll have to find another home for your dog.

There can also be unexpected expenses when living in an East Valley HOA Community. The community can tell you when you need to paint the exterior of your home. They can give you a deadline and fine you if you fail to meet the deadline. They can tell you that you need to plant another bush or add another tree to your landscaping.
Why, then, would anyone want to live in an East Valley community with an HOA? There are some advantages. When looking at homes with clients, you can quickly tell which East Valley Communities have an HOA. How? The lawns will be well-manicured. There won’t be broken down cars on blocks in the front yard, homes painted bright pink, or RVs parked on the street. Sometimes it’s more difficult to maintain property values when your neighbor has a pink house with an RV parked on the front lawn next to the old truck on blocks.
An East Valley HOA Community could have a community pool and spa, and maybe a clubhouse or pickleball courts—amenities that are important to you.

So do you want to live in an East Valley Community with no HOA or do you want to search only for homes available in Mesa AZ with no HOA? It depends.